My name is Lee West and I’m a Philadelphia-based writer discussing visual culture & Semiotics.

I investigate signs, signifiers, symbols and exchanges, in an attempt to discuss visual culture and semiotics.

Visual culture (especially digital) has become increasingly prevalent in our daily lives as visual symbols register in our cores, they connect us to chosen histories, values and ideas. Hopefully this doesn’t end up a conventional structuralist study of communication or symbolism but, instead, a study of sign production.

This blog is work-in-progress, which currently is only a kernel of an idea. Thus, I see the articles evolving over time as I develop more ideas and further my research. There is no specific medium at which to attach my theory, instead, I aim to explore any and all visuality that alludes, implies, references, states and presents semiosis.

Check out my “mirror gaze” article to learn more.

author & creator of mirror gaze

author & creator of mirror gaze


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